1. Fill up 2TradeAsia (FYAP) online trading account application form.
  2. (NOTE: Do not leave any field blank, type NA for not applicable fields.)
  3. Print and sign online trading account application form, online trading agreement and
    signature cards.
  4. (NOTE: Printer is required for completing this application process.)
  5. Assemble the documents. Include a photocopy (back and front) of
    two (2) government-issued IDs bearing the client's photo and signature.
    Sign the pages of the photocopies as well.
  6. Submit signed documents and other requirements to:

    Yapster E-Trade, Inc. (
    17th Floor Lepanto Bldg. Paseo de Roxas
    Makati City, 1226 Philippines

  7. (NOTE: If you are unable to send the hard copies of the requirements due to the pandemic, you may temporarily send the scanned signed documents to [email protected]. You may also upload your signed documents by clicking the "UPLOAD" at the last webpage of the application process).